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The International House of Mojo's new editor-in-chief, Thrik, has had enough of shenanigans and uncouth behaviour from the site. What Mojo needs, said the native Mansfieldian, is more wholesome, becoming humor, adding that Mojo will shift to be more in line with the good, decent British Crown. On the chopping block are longtime columnists like Jason who has become known for his provocative abrasive style, flinging jokes that are more than a little risqué. He's old news, quipped Thrik, referencing his famous SCUMM Bar purge of 2002. More on page 4

Fuming dad says disastrous trip to McDonald's drive-thru 'ruined his evening'

More Slaw! yelled the family-man with a distinct flaming beard

Authorities are still unclear if the outburst was meant as a threat or if it was just a funny funny joke. Page 12.


Former starlet punches alleged comedian, screaming Keep my wife’s name out your f---ing mouth. Who is the Governor's new secret belle? The International House of Mojo investigated and the answer will shock you. Page 22.


Review: The Flaming Hen

I smell habanero and a Michelin star, muses elTee in a critical review. EXCLUSIVE FOR MOJO READERS: Spend £30 on your next order and save 20% by entering the code PIECESOEIGHT at checkout!

Cooking With Spaff: You, too, can impress friends and family in the kitchen with his delicious secrets

Mojo's disgraced former editor cooks up something special. Tim Schafer himself tastes and says, now that is a jambalaya you name an island for! Page 7.

Remember Today's Mojole!

We finally found a way to create daily content! At least until the word bank runs out. Fun!

Board To Investigate CEO's Unseemly Behaviour

After posting questionable content to the company Slack, The International House of Mojo has decided to bring in outside help to look into the CEO's intent. Lucas Legal has a long-standing tradition of these types of assignments, and the Mojo Union welcomes their participation. Page 1.

Special Thanks To Jon!

Mojo would like to thank Jon for his untiring contributions to Mojo Posters, to which he has done a passable job. Page 109.

Whoop it up!

Dinghy Dog reveals all and then some! Page 3.

You won't believe what Admiral Casaba looks like now!

It's all of a sudden clear why he does not get roles anymore. Page 14.

Mojo joins in on meem fun!

It's the trend that's sweeping the nation and Mojo is not one to not be fun! What craziness is Thrik up to today? We have the scoop! Page 2.